bone graft

Bone Graft

Tooth loss, trauma, or advanced gum disease can all cause jawbone recession, a condition that may disqualify you from dental implants.

If you have bone loss, a graft can add volume and density to your jaw, improving your eligibility for this method of tooth replacement.

How can you benefit from a bone graft with Dr. Peter Jeppsen?

bone graft

Grafted Bone  Functions Just Like Natural Tissue 

Qualify for Dental Implants

Thanks to advanced procedures like bone grafts and sinus grafts, patients who were previously considered bad candidates for dental implants can enjoy the benefits of implant-supported restorations. Bone grafts are performed using high-quality synthetic bone, your own tissue, or donor tissue that functions just like natural bone and helps you seamlessly replace missing teeth.

Protect Your Jaw Bone

After a tooth extraction or premature tooth loss, the jaw bone begins to resorb because it lacks the regenerative signals that tooth roots deliver every time you bite and chew. A graft can prevent further bone loss and preserve a healthy, youthful, and full facial structure

Benefit from High Success Rates

Bone grafting is very safe and effective, and implants placed in grafted bone tissue have shown similar long-term success rates compared to implants placed in naturally occurring bone. With proper care, you can enjoy a lifetime of support from your dental implants. 

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